Do you like one of my garments and want something like it for yourself?

Here you can find the pieces currently up for grabs.
(I will continuously refill this page with new stuff, so be sure to come back even if you don’t find anything today)

One of a kind pieces: 

1750s cotton jacket
2013-04-07 13.37.55
Flowery jacket, with front lacing over stomacher and peplos/tail at the back. Made by machine with thread covered metal grommets in front.
Condition: Never worn
Fits a size: 36-38
Price: 700 Sek

1780s StaysDSC_0777Flowery cotton front lacing stays boned with plastic zip ties.
Condition: Never worn
Fits a size: 32-34 (with short torso)
Prize: 800 sek

1780s Robe a la AnglaiseDress in 18th century reproduction cotton from IKEA. Closes at front with hooks and eyes.
Meant to be worn over stays and petticoat. Completely hand sewn.
Condition: Worn once, and washed. May need some cleaning around the hem.
Fits a size: 40 (38 & 42 might work as well)
Price: 3000 Sek

1810s Regency Evening gownIMG_3376Dress made in striped burgundy polyester with white sleeves and golden leaf decor. Closes in back with hooks and eyes. Made by machine.
Condition: Worn once. May need some restoration to the hem.
Fits a size: 36-38
Price: 2000 Sek

1840-1890s Nordic peasant dress
IMG_8515Dress in blue cotton flannel, with gathered skirt, straight sleeves, closes with hook and eyes down the front.
Condition: Never worn
Fits a size: 42
Price: 1800 sek

1850-1870s Summer blouse
IMG_6288Blouse (Garbardi?) in dotted polyester chiffon, with cotton “lining”, small standing collar, button closure down the front and cord gathering at the waist.
Condition: Never worn
Fits size: 38-42
Price: 800 Sek

1920s velvet evening gownIMG_4384 Dress in black cotton velvet and black/silver polyester net.
Closes with zipper center back. including velvet belt (without brosch)
Condition: Never worn
Fits a size: 40
Price: 1500 Sek

Stock items:

1550-1700s linnen coif
IMG_7958Price: 400 Sek

1500-1900s fake fur shawl
Price: 400 Sek

If you are interested in purchasing one of these items and want some additional measurements/pictures, or can’t find your favorite costume on this page yet, just send me an email at., and we’ll see what we can do.